About MoJO …

Over a hundred years ago the Mordialloc District Band stuttered into existence, went broke, was resurrected and became the Mordialloc Town Band. As Mordialloc went up in the world,  1926 saw the name change to the Mordialloc City Band.  When Mordialloc merged into Kingston the band became the Mordialloc Brass Band. An eyewitness of the time, David Mature, described the band’s marching as an exquisite spectacle.

Sadly, as the year 2000 approached, the era of the Brass Band was fading slowly, some forward-looking members of the band did all they could to speed that process up to make way for …

The amazing MoJO.

The Mordialloc Jazz Orchestra is a thriving community band that plays the music of the swing era, modern American standards and Rock’n Roll and has a ball in the process.

One of the highlights of our year is the Big Band Sunsets Festival, every Saturday afternoon and evening through February on the banks of Mordialloc Creek. It’s  fabulous, and thanks to the City of Kingston and the Bendigo Bank it’s free.

You can see us there or come and see us playing at Dizzy’s Jazz Club, Richmond, on one of our fairly frequent Tuesday evening gigs there.

Or hire us …

Or come join us.

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